The JUMP Way

Investing in new technology can be a risky venture. Failure means not only the loss of your intended gain, in worst cases, it means the loss of your position and your reputation.  That's why choosing the right technology partner is critical.

We believe that I.T. project success happens by purposeful execution of a good strategy.  We use a proprietary methodology leveraging components from the best software engineering and project management frameworks.  The result is a framework that allows us to "right size" the project based on the time, quality, and budget constraints.   While we won't reveal every detail of our proprietary method, we can tell you at a high level it includes 5 Core Components.

  1. Goal Alignment - Before we do anything else, we align the project with your goals.  We work with you to define the metrics on which the project will be measured.  Our business expertise across many different programs helps us to quickly understand your mission.  We use expert analysis to uncover hidden opportunities and eliminate ambiguity.
  2. Strategy - Our team leaders are expert project managers, designers, architects, and engineers.  We bring the right mix of skills to every project to "right size" your project with an appropriate implementation schedule.  We identify risks to the project and develop a plan to respond based on certain events and milestones.
  3. Collaboration - Your team members and ours with clearly defined roles will work collaboratively to implement the clearly defined work.
  4. Tracking - Our proprietary methodology is supported by a proprietary software system that produces our schedules and communications as work progresses.  All work, schedules and status reports are published consistently to help you report to your stakeholders.
  5. We're Never Finished - Launching the system is always just the first step to many of the long-term goals you have for your organization.  We will be able to project stability and help you schedule those next step trainings and advancement in your quality assurance program.

All of this control is designed to give you the success you're counting on. We know that we are only successful when you are successful.