The JUMP Way

Successful Information Technology Projects Don't Happen by Accident. 

Investing in new technology can be a risky venture. Failure would not only mean the loss of your intended gain, in worst cases, it could mean the loss of your business and your reputation.  That's why choosing the right technology partner is critical.

We believe that I.T. project success happens by purposeful execution of a good strategy.  There are 5 Core Components of our methodology, the JUMP Way. 

  1. Goal Alignment - Before we do anything else, we align the project with your goals.  We work with you to define the metrics on which the project will be measured.  Our business expertise across many different industries helps us to quickly understand your mission.  We use expert analysis to uncover hidden opportunities and eliminate ambiguity.
  2. Expert Strategists - Our team leaders are expert project managers, designers, architects, and engineers.  We bring the right mix of skills to every project to "right size" your project with a phased implementation.  We identify risks to the project and develop a plan to respond based on certain events and milestones.
  3. Intelligence - Our associates are carefully selected and tested over several months before they are assigned to customer projects.  We work with extremely intelligent individuals who are also skilled with the selected technology tools.
  4. Excellent Communication - not only are our customers kept in the loop, they can review the plans ahead of time.  We provide end-user documentation that is easy to understand.  There are no unhappy surprises when the solution is delivered.  This makes it easy for our customers to prepare for the new system when it arrives.
  5. We Don't Stop - Not until everything is working the way it was designed, and not until your organization has adopted the new system.  Our level of commitment to the success of your project reaches beyond our contracted services.  Change is difficult for most people.  Even the best system can be hard to implement when your team resists change.  We are experienced in uncovering barriers to implementation and work with you until your team is trained and confident.

Whether your project includes interfaces or data migration, or some other customization, you'll know that JUMP cares about your reputation and success.  We know that we are only successful when you are successful.