When your systems can't keep up with your innovation....

You stay awake worrying about how to achieve your business goals.  You might think your problems are related to your people and you definitely think you have problems with your systems.  Getting everyone on the same page is difficult.


What if you had experienced, affordable consultants who could solve your systems problems?


Creating systems that support your innovations doesn't have to be expensive. As a matter of fact, the right technology consultant can help you streamline your processes making it even easier than you imagined for your team to align with your vision.


A Recent Case Study

In a recent implementation, one of our SMB customers was experiencing problems with his quoting process in house.  This manufacturer is a high mix, low volume specialist producing many custom products with a promise of a fast turnaround.  However, their quoting specialist recently retired leaving the company to train new staff.  Timeliness of their quoting process was severely impacted and several pricing mistakes were made.  Without an immediate intervention, the company was not only at risk of limited growth, they were at risk of losing some of their largest customers.


The problems they faced:

  • No consistency in pricing
  • Bottlenecks when operations needed to be consulted
  • Customers calling the operations team directly
  • Everyone working in silos on separate spreadsheets
  • Too much labor required for quality assurance

JUMP set up AXLE for managing quotes and notifications for special pricing support.  A custom dashboard was created for monitoring and managing timeliness.  What's even better?  From start to finish the project lasted  four months and cost under $15,000.  Their system is built around their business rules and easily adapts to their growth.


The new system provides:

  • Timeliness dashboards with visual indicators
  • Global and shared visibility for quote tracking
  • Automated tools for discount options
  • Automated sales forecast reporting from quotes in system


How can we put Axle to work for you?

We named our cloud based system AXLE because it allows your front office and back office systems to work together, supporting innovation and growth in your organization.   When front office and back office are not working in cooperation, innovation and growth are nearly impossible.


From our history with manufacturing systems and our expertise as custom software development specialists we know how to design and implement systems that keep all departments working in tandem.


Your Business, Your Way

How are JUMP solutions with AXLE different from other solutions?  We'll build it to suit your rules.  Most MRP Product Suites (the integrated products that the MRP vendor provides) aren't very flexible.  The software company is focused on selling and supporting a standard software product.  JUMP solutions are highly configurable, data driven solutions allowing us to support your business, your way.