LEAPS is unique in that it is designed specifically for Adult Protective Services investigations. Our system helps you tell the story of what was discovered during the investigation and what services were established to remediate the situation. With LEAPS you'll:

  • Shorten investigation cycles
  • Standardize  data capture
  • Catch inconsistencies in documentation
  • Merge duplicates
  • Standardize definitions
  • Work from anywhere with an internet connection

With LEAPS, companion cases are shown together in a single set of investigation screens that makes the work much simpler for field staff.

Organized and easy to use, LEAPS uses the language of the APS worker and supervisor. Our customers tell us they know how to use the system just by opening the investigation.

All that’s needed to use our feature rich web application is a computer running a modern browser. We’ll take care of the rest.

Visit the LEAPS website for more details.